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The recommended method of validating the domain for Google Apps for Education is via uploading a HTML file see

However it is easier to add a txt record but bit messy to get the contents of the text record from google. Please do the following:

  1. Login to the google apps control panel
  2. Goto Domain setup and select Choose a different method
  3. Select the option "Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME)"
  4. Select the "I have successfully logged in" checkbox and then the "I have opened the control panel for my domain"
  5. Ensure that the Name/Host/Alias contains the scoilnet website name and sent the exact contents of the Value/Answer/Destination by copying this value and pasting it into an email to the broadband service desk. You can also send them a screenshot of this screen.
  6. The broadband service desk will organise that a TXT record is created for the scoilnet website.
  7. As soon as the TXT record has been created, ( can be used to verify this), select the "I have created the TXT record" within the google apps control panel.