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Scoilnet Web Hosting Account Settings

To access the Scoilnet Web Hosting Account Settings, you must have Webmaster access to your school's Scoilnet webhosting-blogging service. Each Scoilnet Web/Blog Hosted Site will have at least one scoilnet account assigned to them with Administrator privileges normally the principal. Only the Administrator may add/remove Webmasters. To find out the administrator for your web/blog site please contact the Broadband Service Desk.

Signing in

To sign in, go to the Scoilnet Account Settings.

If you have webmaster access, you will see a Web Hosting Tab.


You will be presented with several options:

  • Select your main site
  • Add Domain Alias
  • Formmail Feedback Script
  • Add another Webmaster (if you are setup as a school administrator)

Select your main site

You have the option of selecting which site you wish users to see when they type your domain name (i.e. http://school1.scoilnet.ie) into their browser.

You have the choice of your static website (default) or your Blog appearing as your main web site.


From the dropdown box, select whether you wish users to see your Blog or your Static Site by default.

If you are unsure of this, you should leave it as Static Site.


You will still be able to access both websites by typing /blog or /static after your http://school1.scoilnet.ie domain name.

Add Domain Alias

Here you can add additional domain names that you already own so that when users type your other domain into their browser, your scoilnet website will appear. More information on Domain aliases is available here.

To use this feature, you must already own the other domain name, i.e. if you wish your domain www.school1.ie to point to your school1.scoilnet.ie website, you must already own www.school1.ie. You must have registered your other domain i.e. www.school1.ie with a Domain Name Registrar.

You should then contact your Domain Registrar and ask them to create a CNAME record for your domain, pointing at your scoilnet domain name.

Example: Your Scoilnet webhosting domain is school1.scoilnet.ie and you wish to point www.school1.ie at this website. You would request a CNAME for www.school1.ie to point at school1.scoilnet.ie from your Domain Name Registrar (the company you bought the domain from).


Once you have your CNAME pointing at your Scoilnet domain, you can add the domain as a domain alias. You do not need to put www in front of your domain. This will be added automatically. You can add further domain names and delete ones already setup on this page.


Formmail Feedback Script

On this page, you can add a list of email addresses to receive feedback left on your site. You must have have created the feedback form on your site as described in the Web Hosting Feedback Script documentation.


You can add and delete email addresses on this page.


Add another Webmaster

If you wish to give Webmaster access to other users, you can do so here. This option is only available to users who have been setup as School Administrators.


You have the choice of either:

  • selecting an existing Scoilnet user
  • creating a new user account

If you wish to add a user who already has a Scoilnet account, you can do so by clicking on "My Webmaster already has a Scoilnet Account". You must know their username to add an existing user.


If you wish to create an account for a user who does not already have a Scoilnet account, you can do so by clicking on "My Webmaster does not have an account".

You must fill in all required fields. Required fields are marked with a *.

New users will receive an email with their sign in details once their account has been created.