Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Perl / CGI / PHP / ASP scripts?

No the Scoilnet Webhosting services does not support these scripts. Only static HTML pages are supported.

Can I use an FTP client?

No, only WebDAV clients can be used. Instructions on uploading your site are available here.

FTP is an inherently insecure method of transferring files because there is no method specified for transferring data in an encrypted fashion. This means that under most network configurations, user names, passwords, FTP commands and transferred files can be "sniffed" or viewed by anyone on the same network using a packet sniffer.

How do I upload my website?

Instructions are available here

Are statistics available for my website?

Website Statistics are available using AWStats.

Should I save files directly to my WebDAV share?

Saving files directly to a WebDAV share (i.e. from within an application, such as Word, Excel or Internet Explorer) does not work reliably. For best results, save the file to your computer first and then upload it to your site.

Which folder should I copy my website to?

Upon logging into the webhosting service, the user is presented with a folder, the name of which is the website domain (i.e. school1.scoilnet.ie ). The contents of this directory is the contents of the school1.scoilnet.ie website. This is where you should copy your website files.

Can visitors leave feedback on my website?

Schools may wish visitors to their website to leave feedback, or to complete an online form. This is available using the Web Hosting Feedback Script.

How do I automatically redirect my scoilnet webpage to another webpage?

Click here for information about how to redirect your page.