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Adding Additional Users

You can easily add more users to help you maintain the school blog. Each user may be assigned different roles, which have different access rights.

The roles are:

  • Administrator - someone who has access to all the administration features
  • Editor - someone who can publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other people's posts, etc.
  • Author - someone who can publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor - someone who can write and manage their posts but not publish posts
  • Subscriber - someone who can read comments/comment/receive news letters, etc.

Roles define a user's responsibilities within the blog and those users with Administrator, Editor and Author rights can immediately change the content of the school blog.

Before adding a user you must ensure that they have already been setup as Webmasters, see Web Hosting Account Settings.

  • Click on the Users Menu on the Blog Dashboard.
  • Select Add User


  • Enter the Scoilnet Username (they must already be setup as a webmaster)
  • Click on the Add user button.