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Wordpress comes with a default theme as standard. A theme decides on the look and feel of the blog site, normally whether it will have a single column, two columns or three columns. It also controls the colouring and layout of the site and can be changed to suit the needs of the site. Pre-defined themes have been provided which you can apply to your blog site. Depending on the theme you choose, you may also be able to customise the header, this will be indicated clearly in the theme description.

Please note that some themes may cause other features to work in slightly different way than it is generally described. For example some themes display the Date and Published by information on pages. If you do not want this information appearing you will have to change the theme.

Changing the theme (skin) of your blog

To change your current theme to another, you must first click the 'Appearance' menu item from the left hand side menu, then the 'Themes' link on the sub menu, as highlighted below.


You will then see the the current theme applied and a listing of all the available themes that can be applied to the blog site, instead of the default theme, as shown below.


To preview a new theme simply click its preview image (highlighted above) and a new window will open with a preview of what the theme will look like when applied to your blog site, as shown below


The theme can now be applied to your blog site or not. This is decided from the top menu of the theme preview window. To apply the theme press the 'Activate <THEME-NAME>' link on the right hand side of the top menu where <THEME-NAME> is the name of the theme being previewed or to exit out of the theme preview by pressing the X button on the left hand side of the top menu, as highlighted below.


Changing the Custom Header

Note: this functionality is dependent on the theme selected, in some cases the screen displayed is blank and the header can not be changed, see theme Anubis 1.0

  • Select Custom Header or Custom Image Header from the Appearance Menu (NB: the name of this option is depended on the selected theme.).


  • Select Browse to choose the new image from your computer.
  • Select Upload.


  • Using the mouse select the part of the image that you want to keep.
  • Select Crop Header.