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Audio Visual Media

Wordpress has the ability to use audio visual media in its posts and pages. This includes pictures, sounds and movie clips. They can be embedded into your posts and pages to enrich the overall experience of the user.

Adding Audio Visual Media to your posts / pages

To add media to your pages or posts is a simple process. The media content is added on the standard post/page editing form. Simple click the appropriate button corresponding to the type of media you want to attach to your page or post, as shown below. Each button represents a particular type of media.


Image IconFunction
AddImage.PNGThis icon allows you to upload an image to be embedded into your post or page. The image will be displayed on the post / page and will be viewable by everybody.
AddVideo.gifThis icon allows you to upload a video to be embedded into your post or page. People who view the page or post will be able to view the uploaded movie clip.
AddAudio.PNGThis icon allows you to upload a sound recording to be embedded into your post or page. People who view the page or post will be able to listen to the uploaded sound clip.
AddOtherMedia.PNGThis icon allows you to upload any other type of media file and attach it to your post or page. People who view the page or post will be able see the attached files.

When you click any of these icons a new popup window will appear which lets you select the file you want to upload to the blog, as shown below. ***This picture shows the image upload window. The sound, video and other media upload windows are nearly identical, so this will be used as a guide for all four upload sections***


When you click the 'Choose fields to upload' button a dialog box window will open which allows you to select the file you want to upload, as shown below. To upload multiple items and the same time either drag select them or hold down the 'CTRL' button on your keyboard and click each file individually. When you have selected the file(s) you want to upload click the 'open' button, as highlighted below.


Then image will then be uploaded and you will have a chance to give the image a description, change its name and give it a caption. These steps are all optional, but shown below. If/when you change any of this information you have two options

  • Insert the image into the post/page
  • Save the image to the media library and don't insert it to the post/page.


If you want to insert the image into the post/page simply press the 'Insert' button and you will be returned to the page/post writing form with the image inserted into page/post, as shown above.

If you just click the 'Save all changes' button and then the 'X' on the top right corner of the upload screen the image will be saved to the library but will not be inserted into your post/page, as highlighted below.


If you chose to insert the image into the post/page you will be returned to the editing form and you will see the image inside the post/page, as highlighted below.


As stated previously the same process applies if you are uploading a video clip, audio file or other media file. Once the page/post has been published it will be available to everyone with the uploaded media in it. The user will be able to click the image and a larger version of it will be available for them to view.

Managing Audio Visual Media

The media library is a convenient way to see which media files (audio, video etc.) that you have uploaded to the blog site and also allows you to delete items that you no longer need to use. To access media media library click the 'Media' menu item from the left hand side menu and then the 'Library' sub-item, as shown below.


This will shown you all the media that you have uploaded to the media library, as highlighted below.


From here you can edit media or delete media that is no longer in use. To edit a particular media item click its name (shown below), which will bring you to the media editing page. From here you can edit the title of the media, its description and also a caption for the media item, as shown below.

Selecting Media


Editing Media

If / When you make a change to the media file simply click the 'Save Changes' button and the updated media information will be changed.


Deleting Media

Deleting a media item is a very simple process. When you delete a media item it is removed from its associated page/post and permanently deleted.

To delete a media item you must go to the Media Library management section. To do this click the 'Manage' tab on the top menu and then the 'Media Library' section beneath it, as highlighted below.

Media Management

Then simply select the media item(s) that you wish to delete and hit the delete button, as highlighted below. The media item(s) will then be removed from the blog completely.

Delete A Media Item