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Accessing Encyclopedia Britannica from the School Broadband Network

As you know Encyclopedia Britannica is restricted to those schools on the SBN, if you are not on the SBN you won’t get access and will get either no message but nothing will happen when you click on the Britannica icons on scoilnet or you will get the message in the screen shot below. If you get the message below you can click on More about the service and this will bring you to a page where you can click on the icon link or you can type in the url directly

If they are not getting access they should get a Britannica Online School Edition logon page

Any schools that can get onto Britannica directly but not through scoilnet an email should be sent to the scoilnet team

If the school can not get onto Britannica directly I would say they are not on the SBN and they should type in the url to see what IP address they are on. If they are on the SBN and can not get access email their IP address to