DSL Phone Line Check

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Checking a phone line is an important part of troubleshooting a school’s DSL connection. It can determine whether the problem is with the equipment or the phone line. To test the phone line, you will need one ordinary analogue phone.

Typically the school is connected to the School’s DSL Broadband Network as in the below diagram.


The School’s network is connected to the DSL phone line via the Cisco Router which is connected to the DSL Modem.

To troubleshoot issues with the phone line we need to remove DSL Modem from the phone socket and directly plug a phone straight into the phone socket.

This can be done in one of two ways

  • Disconnect the DSL phone cable from the back of the Modem and plug it into the Phone, as below.



  • Plug the phone directly into the phone socket in the wall using a normal phone cable, disconnecting the DSL Phone cable from the socket first.


Whichever of the ways you use to connect the phone line, the result is the same. You have removed all of the School’s Broadband Equipment from the picture and you can now test the Phone Line.

You should be then able to use the phone as any normal phone, try ringing a few test numbers and listen for any distortion or noise on the line.

Make sure to restore the equipment to its original state after the testing.