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Given the fact that we are going to be discontinuing the Blog service, we expect lots of clients asking us to provide SFTP access, as well as creating DNS redirects. They'll typically do that in order to move their blog to another hosting provider.

Now, with regards to SFTP access, it is NOT possible to provide them access, mainly because it's a shared platform and that would constitute a risk. Plus, that would not give them access to the database either, which contains the posts, pages, settings and so on.

If they ask for the database, again we CAN NOT give them access or export it, for the same reasons stated above.

Thankfully, none of that is necessary for them to migrate their blog. Wordpress has a feature to export posts, media, galleries, etc. The lines below explain how to import/export a blog.

The procedure to export a blog is:

1 - In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to Tools/Export


2 - Choose either All Content or Media, Posts, Pages individually.


3 - Click on "Download Export File"

 Bear in mind that this won't download the actual files, but a xml file with metadata.

4 - On your new provider, access your new Wordpress, and go to Tools/Import.


5 - Click on "Run Importer"


6 - Choose the xml file that you downloaded earlier to your computer, and click "Upload File and Import"

7 - If the user in your scoilnet blog does not exist in your new installation, it will let you choose between creating a user or assign the posts to an existing user. Choose whatever suits you better.

8 - Mark the checkbox "Download and import file attachments" and click Submit.

After the import finishes, you should be able to display the old content in your new blog.