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Scoilnet now offers teachers the option to log-in from home to access either of the reference content encyclopaedias licensed for use on the School Broadband Network (SBN). The homepage of Scoilnet.ie presents users with a log-in link.


On clicking this link, users arrive at a log-in page. If they are already registered for a Scoilnet Account they can insert their details and proceed.


There are 3 text links available on this page. If a user does not have a Scoilnet Account already, they should click on the “Not Registered?” link and proceed to the online registration form. If they have forgotten their log-in details, they can select the “Forgot your password?” link and proceed to a page which will reissue it to them. Finally, the “More about this service...” link brings users to additional info about both encyclopaedias.


The Scoilnet Teacher Registration Form is available at the following URL: https://admin.scoilnet.ie/registration/

The form requires teachers to input some mandatory fields, such as First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Teaching Council Registration Number and School Roll Number. These details are cross-checked with the Teaching Council to ensure only registered teachers submit forms. Forms with incorrect data or empty fields will not be accepted by the system. Following submission, it will take up to 2 working days for forms to be approved. Once approved, users will receive an email with username/password details.


The form says my email address is already in the system so I cannot complete the form? Teachers who have already registered for a Scoilnet or NCTE service (for example, Scoilnet Maps, Scoilnet webhosting/blogging, CensusAtSchool and NCTE’s 2010 online summer course) will already have a Scoilnet Account (username/password). These same log-in details can be used to access the encyclopaedias from home.

I don’t know my Teaching Council number? The Teaching Council register can be searched via their website www.teachingcouncil.ie.

I am not registered with the Teaching Council, can I still access the encyclopaedias? Currently, home access to online encyclopaedias is only available to teachers registered with the Teaching Council.

I am a retired teacher, but I am still a member of the Teaching Council. Can I get access? Yes, as a retired teacher, you can still register with us for access to the encyclopaedias if you remain registered with the Teaching Council. Please use the school roll number of your school prior to retirement when completing the online registration form.

My password doesn’t seem to work. Why? Passwords are case-sensitive. Check carefully that you have not mistaken a zero for a capital O, or confused a capital I with lowercase L. These are the most common reasons why passwords do not seem to work.

Can I change my password to something that’s easier to remember? Yes, go to the Scoilnet Account Settings page (https://admin.scoilnet.ie/login) and log-in with your existing (difficult) details. Once logged in, you will see a box allowing you to enter + confirm a new password. You cannot change your username; this is unique to you.

More about the “Scoilnet Account” model for Teachers

The Scoilnet Account model is designed to provide all registered teachers in Ireland with a personal username/password that allows them access specific online services provided by NCTE and Scoilnet. The concept is that a teacher registers with us ONCE for a log-in but that log-in can be used across a variety of applications/services for which they have been assigned access rights. For example, a post-primary teacher who registered with us in 2009 for access to Scoilnet Maps can use their same log-in now to access Online Encyclopaedias (as the latter are available to all Irish teachers). It should be noted that all teachers are not eligible to access all services with their log-in. For example, a primary teacher’s log-in will not work on Scoilnet Maps as this service is only available to post-primary teachers. This model is designed to make it easier for teachers using our services – with only one log-in to remember it should be easier to access everything.