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The following services are available:
The following services are available:
* [[Webhosting-Blogging | Webhosting/Blogs]]
* [[Account Settings | Scoilnet Accounts]]
* [[Account Settings | Scoilnet Accounts]]
== Online Name ==
To avail of the Scoilnet [[Webhosting-Blogging | Webhosting/Blogs]], each school must have registered its [[Online Name]].  This is a unique school name or identifier used as part of the school's online presence. To apply for the Scoilnet Webhosting or Blogs service for your school please see the steps on [[Webhosting-Blogging]] page.
== Webmasters ==
Each school has one or more Webmasters.  These are users who have access to update their [[WebHosting | Scoilnet Website]] and enable and initially add users to their [[Blogs | Scoilnet Blog]].
When the school initially applied, for their Scoilnet Website/Blog, the principal's details, which would have been entered along with the school's [[Online Name]], were used to create the Administrator Scoilnet Account for the school. See [[Web_Hosting_Account_Settings#Add_another_Webmaster|Web Hosting Account Settings]] for more information on adding webmasters.
== Forums ==
[http://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cesi-list Computer Education Society of Ireland (CESI)]
[http://wordpress.org/support/ WordPress]

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Welcome to the Scoilnet Wiki.

This wiki contains information on Scoilnet Services available as part of the Schools Broadband Programme. These are free, high-quality services allowing schools to publish content quickly and securely to the World Wide Web.

Scoilnet Services

The following services are available: