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Welcome to the Scoilnet Wiki.

This wiki contains information on Scoilnet Services available as part of the Schools Broadband Programme. These are free, high-quality services allowing schools to publish content quickly and securely to the World Wide Web.

Scoilnet Services

The following services are available:

Online Name

To avail of the Scoilnet Webhosting/Blogs, each school must have registered its Online Name. This is a unique school name or identifier used as part of the school's online presence. To apply for the Scoilnet Webhosting or Blogs service for your school please see the steps on


Each school has one or more Webmasters. These are users who have access to update their Scoilnet Website and enable and initially add users to their Scoilnet Blog. When the school initially applied, for their Scoilnet Website/Blog, the principal's details, which would have been entered along with the school's Online Name, were used to create the Administrator Scoilnet Account for the school. See Web Hosting Account Settings for more information on adding webmasters.


Computer Education Society of Ireland (CESI)