Mapping a Drive under Microsoft Windows Vista

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Windows Vista Client Setup Instructions

This document provides instructions to set up WebDAV on a computer with the Windows Vista operating system. WebDAV is a method of viewing all of your files so that you may easily manage them using drag and drop.


First, your computer must have Microsoft's Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306) installed in order for WebDAV to function properly with Vista. If you have not already done so, install this update

Setting up WebDAV

  • Select Computer from the Start icon.

WebDavScreenShot Vista 3.png

  • With Computer selected in the left panel, you see "Map network drive" in the tool bar. Click on "Map network drive".

WebDavScreenShot Vista 4.png

  • On the "Map Network Drive" dialog, select a drive letter to map your webspace to. In this example, we've used drive Z:.
  • Under Folder:, enter
  • school1 should be replaced with your school's own Online Name


  • You will be prompted for your username and password


  • Fill in your username and password


  • You will be prompted for your username and password again.
  • NOTE: The dialog box will prompt you with the wrong username.


  • You must replace\school1 with your own username, i.e. school1 and enter your password.


  • Your webspace should now be mapped to the drive you selected.
  • You should now see a folder, the name of which is your website domain (i.e. ). The contents of this directory is the contents of the website. This is where you should copy your website files.