Mapping a Drive under Vista

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  • Select Computer from the Start icon.

WebDavScreenShot Vista 3.png

  • With Computer selected in the left panel, you see "Map network drive" in the tool bar. Click on "Map network drive".

WebDavScreenShot Vista 4.png

  • On the "Map Network Drive" dialog, select a drive letter to map your webspace to. In this example, we've used drive X:.


  • Under Folder:, enter
  • school1 should be replaced with your school's own Online Name


  • Next, click on Connect using a different user name as highlighted below


  • You will be prompted for your username and password


  • Fill in your username and password and click Ok.


  • Click on Finish.


  • Your webspace should now be mapped to the drive you selected.
  • You should now see a folder, the name of which is your website domain (i.e. ). The contents of this directory is the contents of the website.