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An Online Name is a unique school name or identifier, which is used in an online context. It may be the same as or similar to your actual school name, or your existing school website name. Online Names will be used with the Webhosting-Blogging service so that each school can have their school website hosted for free and associated with Scoilnet.

See Recently Updated School Websites and Blogs for online names already in use by primary and post-primary schools.

The following are some guidelines to assist in deciding on an Online Name.

  • The Online Name should assist in identifying the school, and should have some association with the school.
  • It is advisable to keep the Online Name reasonably short, as long names takes additional time to enter, are more prone to errors etc.
  • Online Names cannot contain any of the following characters: commas, full stops, apostrophes, fadas, spaces, capital letters, colons, semi-colons, hyphens etc.
  • All Online Names must be in lower case and cannot contain capital letters.
  • Use commonly understood abbreviations, some examples are given below, but there are probably many more. Standardise on commonly used abbreviations where these are used already by schools
  • Be creative!

Examples of Online Names and how they form part of a school website address are provided in the following examples:

Name Abbreviation Online Name School's Scoilnet Website Address
St. Mary's stmarysartane
St. Mary's National School ns stmarysnsartane
St. Mary's Boys National School bns stmarysbnsartane
St. Mary's Girls National School gns stmarysgnsartane
College c artanec
Community School cs artanecs
Community College cc artanecc