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Scoilnet Maps ( is an initiative of Scoilnet that provides second-level schools with online access to detailed Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) maps and aerial photographs for use in their teaching and learning. All OSi data has been specifically licensed for educational use within the Scoilnet Maps website (Ordnance Survey Ireland Internet Publication Licence MNE 0001807).

Maps include:

  • OSi 1:5000 Raster
  • OSi 1:50 000 Raster
  • OSi 1:50 000 DTM
  • OSi 1:450 000 Raster
  • OSi 1:600 000 Raster
  • OSi 1:10 560 Raster (Vintage)
  • OSi Orthophotos 2000
  • OSNI mapping for Northern Ireland
  • Teleatlas mapping of Europe

Scoilnet Maps is relevant to the revised Leaving Certificate Geography curriculum and the Junior Certificate Geography curriculum. The website brings Ordnance Survey maps and photographs of Ireland directly into the classroom where they can be projected and manipulated in ways which greatly support the teaching and learning of maps and photographs. All second-level schools on the Schools Broadband Network (SBN) can automatically access Scoilnet Maps. To use the advanced features and to get access at home teachers require a personal log-in. All second-level teachers can register for a log-in via our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM:

All queries regarding Scoilnet Maps can be directed to [Email]

Unfortunately, the Ordnance Survey mapping content in Scoilnet Maps is only licensed for second-level schools and teachers at the present time. This is primarily due to costs as the license is on a per-school basis and the cost of the mapping data is very expensive. We are exploring how we might be able to extend our licence to primary schools and teachers and if we progress our discussions in this regard we will be in touch with all primary schools.