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'''Note:''' The following only seems to work when logged in as the Administrator User of Vista
== Preliminaries ==
== Preliminaries ==

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First, your computer must have Microsoft's Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306) installed in order for WebDAV to function properly with Vista. If you have not already done so, install this update

Download and Install BitKinex

Click here to download BitKinex. When it is downloaded double click the file and the install program will begin. Just Keep clicking 'Next' and accept all the defaults until the install is complete.

When the install is complete the program will launch

Using BitKinex

  • When BitKinex runs for the first time you may recieve an error like this. If you just press the OK button, as the error has no effect on the programs functionality. Running-First.JPG
  • The program will then continue to load. The first screen you will see will look like this. Just click the next button, unless you are behind a proxy server (which is unlikely) Running-Second.JPG
  • The next page allows you to limit the amount of traffic your uploading will consume on your network. It is bes to not touch these values and just press the next button, as indicated in the picture. Running-Third.JPG
  • On the next screen just press the Finish button, as indicated in the picture.
  • A new screen will appear which allows you to enter in your website address.
    First off select HTTPS from the radio buttons and then in the white box type your network address The network address should be in the form:
    schoolname should be replaced with your school's own Online Name
  • On the enxt page enter in your username and password, that were provided to you.
  • On the next page you can enter in some descriptive text for your site. This is only used to identifiy your site in the BitKinex program, so you can type anything here you wish i.e. schoolname.scoilnet.ie where schoolname is replaced with your school's own Online Name
  • On the next page just click the 'Finish' button.
  • The program will then connect to your site and display a window with two panes (panels). The left hand side panel shows your webspace contents and the right hand side show your local computers drives. The drives in the right hand panel may be different than in the picture below Running-Ninth.JPG
  • On the left hand panel you will see a folder called schoolname.scoilnet.ie where schoolname is your school's own Online Name.
    Double click this folder so you enter it. This is an important step and should not be overlooked Running-Tenth.JPG
  • From the right hand side column navigate to where you have your website files saved. Then select the file you want to upload. You can upload individual file or multiple files at a time. When you have selected the files you wish to upload click the gree arrow that points to the left.
  • When you press the green arrow a message will appear. This is a standard message saying that you are uploading file. Just click ok and your files will beging to transfers Running-Tweleth.JPG
  • Your files should now be uploaded to your website successfully.