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* Fill in the site name and the scoilnet url i.e <nowiki>https://upload.scoilnet.ie/<i>schoolname</i></nowiki>
* Fill in the site name and the scoilnet url i.e <nowiki>https://upload.scoilnet.ie/<i>schoolname</i></nowiki>
[[Image:Dreamweaver8 2.png]]

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Dreamweaver 8 WebDAV Tutorial

This tutorial will guide your Dreamweaver 8 WebDAV set up

  • Select Site and then New Site.

Dreamweaver8 1.PNG

  • Fill in the site name and the scoilnet url i.e https://upload.scoilnet.ie/<i>schoolname</i>

File:Dreamweaver8 2.png

  • In the Access menu, select WebDAV.

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 4.png

  • Click the Settings button next to the Access menu.

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 5.png

  • In the next window, type or cut and paste your schools URL starting with https:// into the URL field i.e. https://upload.scoilnet.ie/school1.
  • Enter your provided username and password in the appropriate fields.

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 6.png

  • Click OK twice to return to Dreamweaver and look for a window called Files, which is usually on the right side of your workspace.

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 7.png

  • If you do not see your website files (usually they are on the right side of your workspace), select Site and then Manage Sites. Select your site from the menu and click Done.
ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 8.png

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 9.png

  • Connect by clicking the button that looks like two connecting network cables.

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 10.png

  • Different versions of this software will work slightly differently, so consult the Dreamweaver documentation for more information.