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Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV Tutorial

This tutorial will guide your Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV set up. It includes the fix link on Adobe web site that you will need to download and the steps to define your site on Dreamweaver CS3 that you need to specify in order to connect to your web site.

WebDAV is the required, method for web-authors to access Scoilnet web sites. Before you can connect to a site, you must be have your username and password.

Before You Begin

Web pages are files that live on a "server" computer. The files are never edited on the server itself. Instead, we use Dreamweaver to copy them to a folder on our local computer, then edit them and put them back to overwrite the original on the server.

If you have worked on the site before, perhaps in a different version or format, you should empty your current local folder to ensure you don't accidentally upload the older files. Move the files to a different folder if you want to save them.

Note: The steps below for Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV connection are successfully tested on Windows XP operating system. Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV Connection on Windows Vista OS has not been tested.

Obtaining a fix and replacing "NetIODav.dll" file:

Note: You must apply the fix in order to be able to connect using Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV. Without the fix, you will not be able to connect even though you follow the later steps precisely.

Select the following link and follow the instruction on Adobe web site:

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 WebDAV fix

To Connect to Your Remote Site

After you have finished with the fix on Adobe web site, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Dreamweaver CS3 application
  2. Select "Site" from the menu; then select "New Site..." from the drop down menu
    1. See Figure below:

ScreenShot Dreamweaver2004 1.png

Note: The following will also allow you to manage new site and also edit existing sites that you already have them set up:

    1. Select "Site" from the menu; then select "Manage Sites..." from the drop down menu
    2. On the "Mange Sites" window, select "New..." button on the right, and select "Site"
    3. Or, if you need to edit existing site set up, you will select the site from the left panel window, and select "Edit..."