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Novell's Netdrive is a free WebDAV client, and is the recommended way to connect to the Scoilnet Web Hosting platform.


Netdrive is available for download here.

Using Netdrive

Install Netdrive

Instructions for installing Netdrive.

Configure Netdrive

Instructions for configuring Netdrive

Upload your files

There are two ways you can upload your files via Netdrive

  1. Publishing or exporting directly via your webdesign package such as WebsiteX5 or Dreamweaver. Where it asks for the destination directory, select the drive letter and school1.scoilnet.ie, e.g. x:\school1.scoilnet.ie
  2. By copying your website files directly, example
  • Go into the new drive (by double-clicking it).


  • Copy your website files into the school1.scoilnet.ie folder. Your folder will have your Online Name instead of school1.


  • The files now exist in the school1.scoilnet.ie folder.


You should now be able to view your updated website.

Troubleshooting Netdrive

If you receive the below error then you have mistakenly entered http:// instead of https:// in the Site Address/URL section. By adding https:// you will not receive this error.


This error below indicates that you have typed an incorrect username, password or both. Re-type the username and password that were provided to you and try again. Username and Password are Case-Sensitive. If it does not work contact the NCTE Service Desk for assistance.


The error below indicates that you already have a mapped drive created under that drive letter. Either disconnect the current drive or change the drive letter assignment and retry.