Upload your website using Website X5

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WebDAV and Website X5

Note: Before you upload using Website X5 you need to decide which type of WebDAV client you are going to use. See instructions for Windows Vista or instructions for all other versions of Windows

Exporting from Website X5

  • To publish your website with WebSite X5, on the 5th (export step), select "Export website on disk".

Wx5 1.png

  • Select the mapped drive to your webhosting share and your site name.
  • If you are not able to map a drive then enter the name of a folder on your local machine. Website X5 will export the relevent files to this folder and you must then copy them to a web folder. Follow the directions for uploading the website by using Web Folders under Vista or under XP

Wx5 2.png

  • You will be prompted to overwrite any existing files. Make sure you have a backup of your files if you are clicking on "Ok".

Wx5 3.png

  • You will get a message when your website has uploaded.

Wx5 4.png

  • You should now be able to access your website at school1.scoilnet.ie replacing school1 with your school's Online Name