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What is good practice with regards photographs and data protection issues

The schools data protection policy is relevant here and schools can consult the Data Protection in Schools Website which has guidelines on taking and using Images/Photos. Also this Good Practice Note which is aimed at those working in schools concerns some of the data protection issues associated with a school website but the Data Protection in Schools Website should be consulted for the most up to date guidelines.

How do I block Images being downloaded from my website

There is a few different ways to block people downloading images from the web. However, in most cases if someone really wants the image they can work around it. The following two options should discourage them anyway:

1. Embed each image within a flash movie. (the option to save image as is no longer available).

2. Use a photo program to place a sheer text overlay across the image that says "SAMPLE" or a logo, etc. You can see the photo through the text, but if someone tried to capture/print what's on your website, they would get one that says SAMPLE on it!

3. If using Blogs it is possible to password protect the post containing the pictures. This allows you to control who can see and therefore download the pictures.

How to get your website/blog listed in Search Engines (Google, Yahoo etc)

Click here for information on adding your website/blog to a search engine.

How to blur part of an Image

This just a simple way, open "Microsoft Paint", find an image you want to blur. Then select the part of the image you want to blur, hold control (Ctrl) and press '-' until it gets small. The smaller you do it the bigger the blur, then press Control (Ctrl) '+' until it fits to the original image. Suggest you count the number of times you press '-' and then press the same number of '+'.