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== Frequently Asked Questions ==
== Frequently Asked Questions ==
[[Web Hosting Frequently Asked Questions | Web Hosting FAQ]]
[[WebBlog_Frequently_Asked_Questions | Web Hosting FAQ]]

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Scoilnet Web Hosting

Web-hosting is a service provided to schools as part of the Schools Broadband programme.

It is a free, high-quality web-hosting service that allows schools to publish static content quickly and securely to the World Wide Web.


Webhosting Design

  • You should replace school1 with your school's Online Name.
School's Online Name school1
Username jmurphy1234
upload URL https://upload.scoilnet.ie/school1
website URL http://school1.scoilnet.ie

Uploading your Website

Instructions for Uploading your Scoilnet Website Note: Only WebDAV is supported FTP is not supported.

Directory Structure

Upon logging into the webhosting service, the user is presented with a folder, the name of which is the website domain (i.e. school1.scoilnet.ie ). The contents of this directory is the contents of the school1.scoilnet.ie website. This is where the website files are stored for subsequent display on the World Wide Web.

Account Settings

To access the Web Hosting Account Settings, you must have Webmaster access to your school's Scoilnet website.

Website Statistics

Website Statistics are available for your website by AWStats providing HTML reports. For more information click here.

Feedback Script

Schools may wish visitors to their website to leave feedback, or to complete an online form. This is available using the Web Hosting Feedback Script.


While backups of content are made automatically each night, users are encouraged to keep a local copy of all their content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting FAQ