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The Scoilnet Webhosting/Blogs service provides a free website hosting and blogging service for primary and post-primary schools.

- The Scoilnet Webhosting service offers schools the option of uploading static web content that has been assembled offline.

- The Scoilnet Blogs service offers schools the option to use the Word Press blogging tool to develop a school website or school blog and have it hosted on the Schools Broadband Network. Scoilnet Blogs support different types of content, including text, images, audio, including podcasts and video clips.

As part of this service a '.scoilnet.ie' web address (or domain name) will be provided which schools can use or alternatively they can 'redirect' their own school domain to the Scoilnet webhosting-blogging service.

To apply for the Scoilnet webhosting-blogging service for your school please see the steps on http://www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie/Broadband/Webhosting-Blogging.

To support schools, PDST Technology in Education funds courses on blogging, and on Scoilnet blogs in particular, which may be available via your local education centre (contact your local centre to request and book). Check out http://teachercpd.ie/ for online courses on webhosting and blogging.

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See Good Practice Note – School Websites, Photographs and Data Protection Issues.

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