What Do The Buttons Mean

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Every wondererd what all the buttons on the editor in your blog do.

Below is an explanation of the buttons you will find on the text editor when you are creating or editing your posts and pages.

UnorderedNumbering.PNG Undo.PNG Underline.PNG StrikeThrough.PNG ShowHideAdvancedEditing.PNG RightJusity.PNG RunSpellCheck.PNG RemoveFormatting.PNG Redo.PNG PasteFromWord.PNG PasteAsPlain.PNG OrderedNumbering.PNG LeftJustify.PNG Italics.PNG InsertMoreTag.PNG InsertCustomCharacter.PNG IndentToRight.PNG IndentToLeft.PNG GoFullScreen.PNG FontSize.PNG FontColor.PNG DisplayHelp.PNG DeleteHyperLink.PNG CreateLink.PNG CenterJustify.PNG Bold.PNG Blockquote.PNG